Among Us APK

among us apk

So, after playing many earth-themed games, you finally decided to get your hands on space-themed games. Here we are to help you in this and provide all the information regarding the Among Us Apk so you can smoothly enjoy the change in your gaming experience. 

American gaming studio Innersloth developed this multiplayer game and released it in the year 2018. The game is played in a space environment where players play against each other as teammates or crewmates. The core of this game is that the crewmates find out the frauds in them before they get eliminated. 

It’s a simple gameplay of Among Us, yet it engages millions of users around the globe. 

What Actually Is The Among Us APK 

APK is the Android package kit file of the game through which users install the game on their Android phones outside of the Play Store. The game is available on official platforms to download, but users download the apk versions for many reasons, which we present in the latter half of the article. 

This unofficial install is only for android devices, as iOS device users cannot install the APK files. The other reason is that iOS uses its store, which is called App Store. 

How it Differs from the Official Version

The main difference between these two is the distribution method. The official version of the game is provided by the developers on official platforms after testing the product and making it safe and according to the guidelines. In the official version, the updates are auto-provided through official platforms. 

While the unofficial version of the game is provided by other developers, which sometimes does not take testing and make it safe. Also the unofficial version is the same but changeable version of the game to provide extra benefits to the users. In the unofficial version, you have to find the updated version and then download and install it again. 

Among Us Game Mechanics

Among Us consists of a group of players that are going on a spaceship or are at a space station. The players in this group have two roles: crewmates and impostors. The role of crewmates is to complete the various tasks they are assigned to make the ship safe and secure and to complete the missions. 

The role of impostors is to secretly ruin the efforts of each crewmate and eliminate the crew members. And doing all this, they have to be hidden and not get caught. 

Tasks and Objectives for Both Roles


Completing tasks:  Crewmates are assigned various tasks that they must complete. These tasks vary from easy to hard, like fixing wires to diverting the power. If they failed doing this they will be eliminated. 

Identifying impostors: Crewmates must have eyes on the group and use their observation and other techniques to identify unusual behaviour and find the impostors. 

Reacting to emergencies: For any emergency or other things that happen, the crewmates must respond to these and fix these issues to avoid any failure of the mission or ship. 


Sabotage: Impostors have to damage various systems of the ship to make it unstable and block the progress of the crewmates. 

Eliminate crewmates:  Imposter’s role is to eliminate the crewmates. They do it by voting against them in the discussions or by killing themselves without being seen or caught. 

Blend in: Impostors have to blend into the crew without being suspicious and have to work silently and securely to win the game. 

Strategies for Crewmates and Impostors:


Stick Together: Crewmates should stay close to their teammates. In this case, the risk of impostors’ target will be minimal. In case of any task they should not go alone while go in groups to perform the tasks. 

Verify Alibis: Always talk to other crewmates about their completed tasks to find out the impostor. 

Emergency Button: When you find that someone is an impostor, but you don’t have enough evidence, then press the emergency button for the meeting and discuss the activity that you find suspicious. 


Blend In:  As an impostor, you have to act normal and act as the crewmates so as not to get suspicious. 

Sabotage Strategically:  Create chaos by damaging the oxygen or light systems to get chances to eliminate the crewmates. 

Use Ventilation:  To perform your role and not get caught, use the ventilation to move smoothly. 

Create Doubt: Use the manipulative and doubt tactics in discussions to eliminate crewmates or to convert attention from yourself to someone else. 

Why People Seek It?

 Geographic Restrictions

In some areas, Among Us is not available due to licensing, government interference or some other reasons. In these cases, users turn to download the unofficial version to get the game. 

 Device Compatibility:

 Google Play Store does not allow some older versions of the Android to download many games. In this case, the unofficial version comes, which is made for these older versions and allows these users to play the Among Us game on their older Android versions. 

Platform Limitations:

There are many devices available online which allow users to play Android games, like Amazon Fire tablets. In many of these devices google play store is not available. Then the users of these devices get the unofficial version and play the game on these devices. 

Modified Versions: 

Unofficial versions of the Among Us offer many extra features, customizations and advancement in the gameplay which is not available in the official version. These modifications include extra modes and skins of the characters and also, these versions provide all those items for free, which users have to buy in the official versions. 

Free Access: 

Among Us on the Google Play Store is a paid game; users have to purchase the game to play it officially. At the same time, many users need help to afford to buy the game. All these users then turn to the unofficial version as it is available for free and has the same features as the official game. 

How To Install Among Us 

  • Before installing Among Us, you have to enable your device to install files from unknown sources. To do that, first go to Settings, then go to Security, Then click Unknown Sources. From here, enable this option. 
  • After downloading the file, go to your file manager and search for the downloaded file on your device. 
  • Then click on the file to start the installation process. Here, the device will ask to grant it permission to continue the installation. 
  • After that, follow the instruction that comes on your screen to complete the installation; when this process completes, the game will be installed on your Android device. You can see its icon on your home screen. 
  • Then tap on this icon to start playing the game, create your account and you will be into the game. 


So, here you have Among Us downloaded and installed on your device. Now, you don’t have to spend any money to get the game or in-app purchases, and now you will get everything for free. You also get the gameplay of Among Us and strategies to fully understand the game on a higher level. Now it’s time to open up to the game and enjoy the gameplay.